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The Cool Cat Moving Process

It all starts with a call, text or email.

Our simple process is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to book your move. 


  • Name.
  • Best Contact Phone Number.
  • Pick up & Delivery Addresses.
  • Date & Time.
  • Full Item List. 

Note: We will need to know about specifically heavy items (marble tables, solid wood pieces etc.) in advance and will incur a “heavy items relocation” fee.

Moving Day

(Example Move)

Every good removalist will tell you that loading up the truck is very much like a game of Tetris.

  • We start with the boxes and make a wall (or 3) and secure them with ratchet straps.
  • We then pack the bedding (in order of biggest to smallest) and will fill the small gap on the side with bedside tables or small cabinets.
  • The next row consists of a combination of tallboys, TV units and buffet tables.
  • Couches will then fill the next corner of the truck next to the dining table with the chairs stacked inside of it.
  • A small, blanketed section will be made for the TV and any artwork.
  • We then finish off with the white goods (washer, dryer & fridge).

Moving Process: Things We Wrap

  • Mattresses
  • Any cabinet with drawers (coffee table/tallboy/TV unit)
  • Any tempered glass items (table tops)
  • Any glass fronted items (wall units/wine fridge/crystal cabinets)
  • Fridge
  • TV’S

Moving Process: Things to Note

  • Long cabinets such as TV units & drawers will be stacked on its side (protected by a blanket) to save space in the truck.
  • We will relocate most TV’s but will refuse if we think it’s too thin and could break in the move.
  • If your couch is longer than 2.3m it will need more space in the truck as we will need to store it laying flat instead of on its side.
  • If your items cannot be relocated like this, you will need to let us know in advance so we can plan ahead.

Moving Process: FAQs

Not at all, we will have pallet wrap with us and we will wrap your mattresses up like a sandwich, so they’re protected throughout the move.

It’s completely up to you. If you’re on a budget and want to get the move done as quickly as possible then we suggest everything to be disassembled by the time we get there but all the same we’re more than equipped to do all the disassembling and reassembling if you don’t mind the extra time on the bill.

It is often that we get to the move and the fridge is still filled with last night’s leftovers. Good news is the fridge is one of the last things we load so you have time, but you will need to empty it as the path from one kitchen to the next could be quite bumpy and loose items could act like a bull in a China shop.

We first fold a removalist blanket to cover the tv then pallet wrap (like a large glad wrap) around and around till it is completely protected. If it is 50″ or smaller, we will place it sideways on the blanket stack and strap it to the side. For bigger TV’s we make a safety station which will protect it even further.

Not at all, we believe stairs is all a part of the job.

On average if you give us a call/text or email with 2-3 weeks’ notice you’ll get the day you want but it can never hurt to give us a try if you need it sooner.